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We provide individual development for companies in a wide range of industries. Exciting ideas also arouse our curiosity and are further developed as products. The customer benefits from high efficiency and extensive experience...

Internet of Things

With the Juconn platform, we develop individual IoT solutions and applications. The flexible cloud platform supports companies in entering Industry 4.0 and transforms data into smart data.

Juconn has a manufacturer-independent platform architecture and thus enables the processing and control of a wide variety of data streams.

The Juconn solution is used primarily in the areas of asset tracking and the monitoring of sensor values of machines and systems, such as district heating technology. Due to the data-agnostic structure, a wide range of hardware types can be connected - this makes the solution manufacturer and industry-independent.

Together with the Juconn solution we can offer a holistic end-to-end service: From the sensor connection to the use of a technologically leading gateway to the individualized user interface. Our customers appreciate the individual technical solution competence.

With the Juconn solution, we offer you full-service ioT.

We are happy to advise you, regardless of your industry focus and the devices to be networked. We would be happy to develop a technical and / or visual prototype for your specific case.

Building and hygiene management, e.g. in canteen kitchens or warehouses
Monitoring and control of machines, plants or measuring devices
Asset tracking of location and values such as temperature & humidity

robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the approach to process optimization in which manual tasks are learned and automated by so-called software robots.


With RobotX, we have developed a tool that connects systems and automatically transfers data. RobotX helps our customers to connect systems or processes and to automate them.

  • Acceleration of throughput times
  • Consistent data management
  • Flexibility in tool selection
  • Data transfer security
  • no media breaks
  • Overview through monitoring
  • Error reduction through automation
  • Time saving for recurring tasks

Core functions of RobotX

core function_1core function_2core_function_3

Application examples

Service processes
Connection of external software
Data enrichment from external tools
Automation ticket system
Info collection
for discussion
Integration of sales processes
Marketing Automation
Push notifications

Social Communities and Networking

Networking in closed and exclusive circles requires a lot of coordination. Quickly distributing events and high-quality content is made easy with our networking app for closed groups.

For various clients we develop apps and features in the area of social communities and networking. Individually developed or as a ready-made app - the choice is yours.

We offer you individual development for community features such as news feeds, chats or appointment management. Here you benefit from our wealth of experience in this area.

Alternatively, we have a ready-made networking app in use: This represents a high-quality tool for club members. The user can view events and register, make exclusive contacts and view articles, videos and webinars. The app can be used for any type of networking club or event. For this purpose, it is styled individually and in the company CI and customized to the client's requirements. If required, it can be individually connected to the respective CRM.

Whether an individual development or our ready-made club app - we develop the right tool for you.

Networking App as a ready-made solution
Individual app solutions


Our mobile shop solutions represent an alternative to the monopolies of the online marketplaces.

We build mobile shops as native or web solution.

The share of mobile retail in eCommerce sales is growing steadily and rapidly. Users are oriented towards apps that are always available on the smartphone and have a good usability to quickly reach the goal: The purchase.

We are focused on drop-shipping and marketplace solutions as industry-specific alternatives to big players. The software can be customized as desired and at the same time is ready for use in a short time.

Our mobile shop systems ensure optimal usability, performance and enable an outstanding user experience - both as native app solutions and as web solutions. With product configurator or via cross-selling, the products can be ordered by the customer from anywhere in a user-friendly way. The mobile shop is easy to maintain via a CMS or interface.

Our mobile shop solutions increase your conversion rate. Whether as a web solution or native.

The mobile shop is adapted to your needs and comes with a maintenance portal and separate store applications if required.  

Mobile first web shop
Native App Shop

digital transformation

Our strength is to process different data sources and complex business logic in a way that looks simple to the user.

Despite the multitude of tools for every business area, there is often not the right solution for every problem.

In many areas, work with lists and data records is manual. The efficiency advantages are not always obvious or seem unsolvable.

Our software architects are specialized in designing complex data models. We process various data sources, build business logic and interfaces.
Furthermore, we are experienced in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and image and speech recognition. Through the collected data, our customers benefit from a new asset with high value.  

We transform manual processes into digital and smart solutions.

Speech / image recognition and processing
artificial intelligence
Individual database and API solutions
Survey and profiling apps