Traceconn - Data for the trade

Visitor flow measurement via WLAN recognition paired with age, gender and emotion recognition help stationary retailers to plan better.

Digitisation for trade

Traceconn has set itself the goal of connecting stationary and digital trade. The solution supports stationary trade with digital modules in order to keep up with online platforms. The buying and movement behaviour of customers becomes transparent through face and WiFi tracking and allows a targeted approach - analogous to the digital world.

Using a specially developed algorithm, customers can be segmented according to age and gender. The data can be retrieved in real time and used for staff planning, targeted information transfer, testing of marketing measures, etc. The additional enrichment of the customers' data allows for a better understanding of the customers' needs. By additionally enriching the customer movements with, for example, weather, promotions or those of the competitor, events such as Oktoberfest, championship celebrations, discount campaigns or strikes, precise analyses are made possible.
Due to the anonymisation applied, data protection is 100% guaranteed and no personal images or data are stored.

Core competencies

Image Processing - Server & Backend

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